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Full Box-Medium Square

Full Box-Medium Square

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  • 600pcs

How To Apply Stuck On You Soft Gel Extensions (instructional video can be found on our facebook page) -

* Prep the natural nails and remove any dust with Isopropyl Alcohol
* Size up the tips to fit each nail
* Etch the inside of the tips
* Apply a small amount Pretty In Pink Dehydrator (x1) and Primer (x2) to the natural nail 
* Paint the inside of the tip with Stuck On You - Base Gel and gently scrape the brush off at the base
* Apply the tip 1-2mm away from the cuticle on a 45 degree angle and slowly lower it until the gel reaches the free edge of the nail, once you have it in position, ask your client to hold the LED Flash Cure Torch over the top for about 10 seconds. Gently take pressure off, it bubbles start to appear, apply pressure and cure for another few seconds.
* Once all 10 fingers are done, cure in the lamp for 60 seconds each
* Using our Tip Blending Cone, gently go around all sides of the cuticle and blend the tip into the natural nail. this will leave your base nice and flush for polish application
* File and shape your tips
* Buff the full surface of the tip, or alternatively apply base coat, Stuck On You - Base Gel or Build Me Up and cure for 60 secs
* Apply your gel polish/nail art and finish with the top coat of your choice

This is a professional product only. It will be assumed that only qualified or techs in training will be purchasing our products, therefore we do not take responsibility for any injury or damage caused. 

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