About Us

Welcome to Pretty In Pink - Nail & Beauty Supplies. We are the 2 creators of this company, Felicity & Abbey. Abbey has been in the Nail & Beauty Industry since 2017 and Felicity since 2020. We both have immense passion for creating beautiful nails and making our clients feel amazing when they leave. We both work in Abbey's salon, Abbey's Xtreme Beauty, located in Wodonga, Victoria. We have 2 other nail technicians along side us and a hairdresser. This is also the home of Pretty In Pink until the time comes when we need a bigger space. Our aim is to bring out new and exciting things, keeping up with new trends so you can all pass them onto your customers. We welcome any requests or feedback if there's something in particular you can't source anywhere and would like us to look into. We hope you enjoy looking through our website and have the chance to purchase some goodies from us. Love F & A xx