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Build Me Up Harder- Clear 30ml

Build Me Up Harder- Clear 30ml

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  • Requires a base coat, either Stuck On You - Base Gel or Build Me Up (bottle) can be used
  • Great for hairdressers/kitchen staff, anyone with their hands in water alot
  • Great for clients with oily nail beds and having issues with keeping other products on their nails
  • Can be sculpted, with tips or used as an overlay
  • Easy to apply and file
  • File Off Only Formula


For beginners and those new to our system we have created these instructions for you. We also have instructional videos on our Facebook page.

Build Me Up - Harder Application (Natural Nails) -

* Prep Nails and Apply Pretty In Pink Dehydrator (x1) & Primer (x2)

* Apply Build Me Up, Or Stuck On You - Base Gel, cure 60 secs
* Using our Ultimate Gel Brush, apply a slip layer of Build Me Up - Harder, do not cure, then go in with a small blob of gel near the cuticle and gently work it down the nail in a left to right curved swiping motion. Make sure your apex is in the right spot and cure for 60 secs (only do 1-2 nails at a time to prevent the product running)
* Wipe off the tacky layer and buff/file if needed
* Apply 1-2 coats of your selected Pretty In Pink Gel Polish, cure for 60 secs each coat
* Apply any nail art as desired
* Finish with one of our top coats depending on the finish you are after (Gloss, Stain Resistant or Matte)
*Apply cuticle oil to the cuticles only, not on the nails

This is a professional product only. It will be assumed that only qualified or techs in training will be purchasing our products, therefore we do not take responsibility for any injury or damage caused. 

***Whilst we have made every effort to capture the true color of this product there may be a slight difference in person***

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